Planning, planning, planning and workshops!

Well, we are still busy planning for our coming year and there will be plenty of news about that in due course. Suffice to say here we shall be doing an event later in the year at the new MK Gallery which we are very excited about. We can’t wait for its opening on 16th March. What a wonderful space it’s going to be.  

Then we shall also be doing an exciting production in October at Stantonbury Theatre. Rights are just being negotiated. So watch this space.

In other news though we have had a wonderful mask workshop run by Vamos, the UK’s leading mask theatre company. “Revealing The Mask” (Level 1) was a creative, high energy and inspiring session that gave participants a thorough introduction to mask technique. 

Through games, exercises and shared exploration, the workshop introduced mask characterisation, mask physicality and techniques such as clocking, stillness and isolation,  helping to build confidence and understanding of mask performance.  It was an inspiring day and we all learned so much.  

It was so successful we are going to run another. This time it is Level 2 which will build on the skills learned in Level 1. 

However, if you haven’t done Level 1 you can still sign up for Level 2 as our brilliant practitioner Honor has come up with the following  plan:-

10.30-12.30  Level 1 refresher/crammer for newbies

12.30  All together warm up and intro level 2

1pm - 1.45 lunch

1.45 - 4.30pm Level 2 (perhaps with short 10 min tea break depending on energy levels)

The Play’s The Thing would also offer a discount to those who have done Level 1.

So the fee for Level 2 is £65.00 as it was for Level 1. If you have done Level 1 though and sign up for Level 2 we shall offer you a discounted rate of £55.00

The venue is the same - The Scout Hut, Furze Way, Wolverton and the times are above. As before light refreshments will be available so bring a packed lunch.

The date is SUNDAY APRIL 7th

Please email

Meanwhile enjoy the photos taken by Simon Raynor at the first workshop.

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