Introducing – Haste Theatre Company to ‘Taking The Stage’

Haste Theatre Company- ‘Untitled’

The third, and most raw performance comes from a fantastic group of women in the form of Haste Theatre Company.

Through lies, masquerades, unmasking truths, desertion, enlistment, resilience, ethic blows, moral bruises and a firm grasp on who they were...or needed to be, these women proved the world and themselves what it takes to draw your own path through life. 

Multi-award winning physical theatre company Haste Theatre presents a celebration of women and of whatever broad road or dark alley life decides to lure you in. This is a scratch performance of a new work in development - so newly minted an idea that we don't even have a name for the show yet. Witness the raw creative energy and delicate play of performance scratched and honed before your very eyes.

This raw untitled performance will be performed on Saturday 14th September at 2.30pm.

Haste Theatre Company
Haste Theatre was founded in 2013 after meeting on an MA in Physical Theatre. A unified force of 5 women, we make new and devised work that sits in the uncomfortable place between laughter and tears, creating fantastical worlds to portray the everyday. We are multilingual actors, clowns, dancers, puppeteers, singers and creators, who share a passion for simple yet innovative storytelling. We have created 5 new shows, toured across the UK, Italy, Czech Republic and USA winning multiple awards and critical acclaim. Haste have a strong creative learning programme, specialising in playfulness, devising and physical theatre adapted to suit a range from 4 year olds to professional creatives,  as well as a newly created Playfulness & Dementia series for TIBBS Dementia Foundation.

Click here for full details of our exciting three day festival.

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