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By The Play’s The Thing Theatre Company

Invisible - Visible

We worked with talented students from Milton Keynes College and their wonderful tutor, Mandy Clayfield, to write and film six monologues. The students attended workshops for six weeks where they learned how to craft a monologue with their own “take” on invisibility and visibility. Rosemary Hill ( Artistic Director) and Sam Dore (Film Maker) also gave a students a thorough  grounding in film making. The students really rose to the challenge and the films are very different, covering a wide range of issues and experiences and also exploring techniques such as the use of a green screen and where and when to use music.


A very personal film about coming out and what it means to be gay. James talks about the pressures put upon gay people.

“MR MEDIA” by Tyler Phillips

Tyler wanted to give his view on the media and how it can turn people into hypocritical monsters. The film is both funny and serious. Tyler wanted to show two sides of a media personality (rather like Jonathan Pie).

“INVISIBLE” by Annabel Malone

A very personal film about her own view of “invisibility”

“LONELINESS” by Chris Hearnden

Chris explores what happens in a relationship.

“HUMAN IGNORANCE” by Andrea Sanduly

Andrea explores issues around mental health.

“LEAVING” by Sophie Hadley

A very personal film where Sophie talks about bereavement and her fears of being alone