Youth Theatre Group

By Working with Haste Theatre Company and MK Theatre


If I Ruled The World
If I ran the world things would be different… If we ran the world things would go like this…

Looking at where we are now, can we predict where we will be in 10, 20, 30 years? It could be a dark thought, or it could be outrageous joy, excitement and intrigue! Imaginations run wild and a new world is borne as this Youth Theatre group present a dynamic, multidisciplinary, celebration of their imaginations – a physical theatre show exploring what the world would be if they ran the show. Working in collaboration with multi-award winning physical theatre company Haste, this new devised show presents the delights of young creative minds and splurges it on the stage for all to enjoy and contemplate.

Honestly, I thought the performance was outstanding. I felt that it was informative, and written with emotion and strength. Highly recommend.


It was amazing. My mum really enjoyed it!   Would love more opportunities like this. Working with Haste was great and really cool.


Really want to work with Haste again. I loved how they worked with us and then did a really cool “scratch” performance of their own!


It was so good!


The kids doing the Q&A were really cool.

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